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"Pamela and her MBC billing service is wonderful! She works tirelessly. She is so patient and persistent with my patients and me in a very respectful way. She is always available by phone by email text or fax. Often working 7 days a week into the evening. I could not recommend her highly enough!"
-Nancy M., LSCSW
We know other medical billing companies can send electronic claims that will be paid, but we try to make a difference with friendly support to our clients and their patients. We will take the time to credential a new practice or explain medical benefits to a patient.
If your busy practice is losing thousands of dollars per year due to timely filing or because claim follow up is difficult and time consuming, then why not outsource, or switch, your billing? You will see for yourself how well paid you have become when our Insurance Accounts Receivable reports show 90% or more of your claims in the "Under 30 days" column.
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